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Are you looking for fun and enjoyment?

You are feminin and good looking and charming? Then you are at the right place.

  • you are working with good condition and a top income!

  • our flat are really nice and comfortable!

  • you are working by yourself or with max. one lady more in a flat.

  • each girl have her own room!

  • our flats have all a kitchen and a comfortable living room.


We run 3 privatflats in the north swiss and we belong to the most sucessfull studios in Switzerland. Because of our long expierience in the erotic business and a lot of frequent clients you have the chance to WIN much MORE then in any other studio. TOP WINNINGS up to 6000 CHF per WEEK are only possible in our places.

We organize all the best advertising for you. So you just can concentrate on your work. Our job is to give you the best possible environment.

Our girls
-Elite Models-

We always looking for young attractiv girls from 18 - 35 that want to win quick A LOT of MONEY and work in a luxury place - be a part of our TEAM.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! We will explain you everything and looking forward for your mail or message.

work with
-the best-

Here you work in a normal and friendly atmosphere - HIGH PRICES and a lot frequent clients - Take YOUR CHANCE and contact us

we offer you
-just everything-

We offer you a clean and professionel work flat , telefonservice, own escort service, safety working place - and of course the chance to WIN A LOT money.

Send us an email

4 pictures of you (professionell or selfies)

Your age and services

Date you are looking for to get a job in our place

                                           0041 779628928

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